Recovery rectifiers

Fast recovery, space-saving devices

Our 200 – 400 V standard (trr > 500 ns) and fast (trr < 25 ns) recovery rectifiers deliver power density while minimizing reverse recovery time and loss. Housed in our automotive qualified copper clip-bond CFP package, these standard and fast recovery diodes deliver high current pulse capability and high power density with efficient switching in a space-saving footprint.

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Recovery rectifiers
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Type number Description Status Quick access
PNE20010ER 200 V, 1 A hyperfast recovery rectifier Production
PNE20020EP 200 V, 2 A hyperfast recovery rectifier Production
PNE20020ER 200 V, 2 A hyperfast recovery rectifier Production
PNS40010ER 400 V, 1 A high power density, standard switching time recovery rectifier Production

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Nexperia_document_leaflet_Recovery_rectifier_190213 Recovery rectifiers Hyperfast recovery, space-saving devices Leaflet 2019-07-16

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File name Title Type Date
CFP3_SOD123W_mk plastic, surface mounted package; 2 terminals; 2.6 mm x 1.7 mm x 1 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

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